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Benefits of Installing an LPG Boiler

If your home isn't connected to the mains gas line, you'll know that you need to look for an alternative. Whilst there are a wide-range of choices available, oil boilers for instance, LPG boilers are a sensible option for a number of reasons...

LPG boilers are small and discrete

LPG boilers are a similar size to gas boilers, so have more options when it comes to positioning their installation. For instance, LPG boilers can be wall hung in kitchen cupboards, helping to save space and keep them out of sight, whereas oil-fired boilers cannot.
In addition to this, LPG boilers are much quieter than other boilers and have practically no scent, making them much less distracting and noticeable. This gives them an edge over oil-fired boilers, which are often loud and can sometimes give off unpleasant smells.

LPG boilers are cheaper

The cost of LPG fuel might be slightly higher than the cost of oil, but in the most cases the prices are fixed by your supplier for at least 12 months. This ensures that you can strike a fair deal and know roughly how much you're going to need to pay all year round. 
On the other hand, oil prices can fluctuate up and down as the demand shifts throughout the year. 
In addition to this, the cost of LPG boilers and their installation is generally decreasing as they become more and more popular across the UK, making the initial installation price, lower.

LPG boilers are better for the environment

LPG fuel is cleaner than oil and as a result, is much better for the environment. While it is still a fossil fuel (so it not entirely ‘green’), it is much better than using oil as it contains 33% less carbon monoxide and 15% less oil. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your home and reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. This reduces global warming and helps the environment considerably, as opposed to using oil which adds to the world's environmental problems.

LPG boilers are more efficient

LPG fuel is very efficient, ensuring your boiler functions to its maximum potential. LPG boilers tend to be over 98% efficient, wasting very little energy when used. As a result, you'll waste considerably less money on wasted fuel.

Do you need a new LPG boiler installed in Ashford Kent?

We hope that reading this blog post has persuaded you towards installing one of our LPG boilers.
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