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Which Type of Boiler is the Most Energy Efficient?

Buying a new boiler is a sound investment, one which should last you and your family many years. The downside to a new boiler, however, is all of the research you have to do to make sure you choose the right one. It can feel like a part-time job, learning about and trying to understand different boiler brands, types and what they mean for your home!

On top of this, if you’re buying a new boiler it’s really important to make sure you choose one that’s energy-efficient, and not all boilers are built the same way. Different features and how you use them will impact your boiler’s efficiency, and if you want to cut down on the energy you use you’ll ideally want to choose one that’s Energy Saving Trust endorsed.

Why energy-efficiency matters

Our world is near crisis point when it comes to energy use. Much of the energy we use, whether it’s from a car, aeroplane or simply running a bath, is powered by damaging fuels. These fuels produce harmful emissions, like CO2, which is released into our Earth’s atmosphere with devastating results.

We’re now at the point where change is essential if we want to save our planet. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to choose a boiler that’s as energy efficient as possible, and to be more mindful about how we use it in our homes.

Another reason saving energy matters is that by reducing the energy you use you’ll also save money. If you switch to an A-rated condensing boiler, it has the potential to save you a lot of money per year, even hundreds of pounds on your bills. Ultimately, energy costs money, so the less you use the less you have to pay out.

System, combi or regular - which is most energy-efficient?

System boilers

System boilers work alongside a hot water cylinder, and this is usually situated in an airing cupboard. With a system boiler, water is heated on a timer or manually and then stored in the cylinder and kept hot for several hours. This means you use what you need and save the rest for use throughout the day. Hot water cylinders can be energy-efficient if they are able to maintain the water’s heat as it saves you heating it again, and because system boilers don’t work with a cold water tank there is thought to be less waste. They can also integrate with eco solar systems, offering an environmentally friendly way to source some of the energy needed to run them. 

Combi boilers

Combi boilers don’t use a cold water tank or hot water cylinder, they are an all-in-one unit. For this reason they are considered extremely energy-efficient as they heat water directly when you need it, meaning there is no waste. The only downside is they can’t change the water pressure set by the mains and they can only send hot water to one source at a time. This means they’re unsuitable for homes with more than one bathroom or homes with a higher hot water demand than average.

Regular boilers

Regular boilers work along with a hot water cylinder, similar to system boilers. They also store spare hot water for use when needed. The main difference is they require a cold water tank in addition. This is usually situated in the loft space. Regular boilers can still be very energy-efficient if they are A-rated and condensing, but similar to system boilers, there is the potential for waste if you heat up more hot water in advance than you actually need.

The best way to spot an energy-efficient boiler

Boilers are rated A-G in terms of efficiency, so make sure the one you buy is A-rated. Some boilers, particularly older ones, only run at 70% efficiency, whereas newer ones have the ability to run at 90% efficiency or more. Buying one with the capacity to run as efficiently as possible is wise, so long as it suits the needs of your home. 

If your boiler is condensing and A-rated, it’s likely to be endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust (EST). This can be a helpful guide, as it reassures you your boiler is recycling some of its energy and therefore emitting fewer harmful CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. 

Energy-efficient boiler installation in Kent

The team at Boiler on the Blink are Gas Safe registered and offer all customers free quotes and a free, no-obligation home survey before they commit to a boiler installation. This can include advice on energy efficiency and the best boiler to suit your needs for now and the future. If you’d like to find out more and live in the areas of Ashford, Romney Marsh, Tenterden, or Folkestone, simply get in touch by any of the following means: Call us on 07768 618877, email us at or send a message via our online contact form.