Energy efficient boiler Ashford Kent

Why should we be thinking about energy-efficiency now more than ever?

Attempting to maintain high energy efficiency in our homes is massively important for creating a more sustainable world to live in. It is common knowledge that increasing energy efficiency is both great for the environment, as well as providing homeowners with more value from their heating costs and higher savings in the long run. But why is it now more important than ever to ensure that you improve your home's energy efficiency? Boiler on the Blink have pointed out some key reasons why.

Gas safe BBQ checklist

Gas BBQ safety checklist

You might have thought that Summer 2020 plans were slowly fading thanks to COVID-19, but with some restrictions reducing, and the governments permitting 'family bubbles', there is no reason why you can't get the barbecue going in this lovely weather! Learn some tips on how to keep your family and friends safe this Summer with our BBQ safety advice!