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What is a Baxi Approved Installer?

If you’re considering having a new boiler installed, whether that’s because your old one has broken down or because you’re planning ahead for an upgrade, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the choice. Boilers come in a range of types, sizes and brands. Each of these factors need thorough consideration if you want to find the boiler that fits your needs and will last you and your family a long time.

Choosing a boiler that has the wrong size or output, for example, will mean you either aren’t getting the heat and hot water you need from your boiler, or you are getting too much and wasting energy and money.

The same rule applies will boiler brands, as choosing a brand that doesn’t stand the test of time or have a good reputation will most likely result in you having to pay out for more repairs than average and even having to replace your boiler within a few years. On the other hand, you also don’t necessarily want to choose the most expensive brand just for the sake of it, as it may contain design features that aren’t essential to what you need and could be a waste of money. 

In the following guide we’ve written about boiler manufacturer Baxi, a brand brand we’ve worked with a lot, due to the popularity of their boilers. We explain more about them, the benefits of having one of their boilers installed and what it means for an engineer to be a Baxi Approved Installer. 

The lowdown on Baxi boilers

Baxi is a manufacturer of mid-range boilers and has been established since 1866 in the UK. Because of this they’re well established and are popular due to the reliability and excellent performance of their boilers.

Baxi are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust, which means that the EST have examined and approved their boilers as having a highly energy-efficient design. It’s important to choose a boiler that’s rated A for energy-efficiency as this helps the planet and can also save you money on your heating bills. Baxi boilers recycle some of the fuel they use and this lessens the amount of harmful CO2 emissions that are released into the atmosphere when you use your boiler.  

There are many reviews of Baxi boilers from homeowners across the UK on trusted website Reevoo .They paint a very positive picture of Baxi boilers and you can have a read through to see how satisfied customers are with their purchase.

Main benefits of a Baxi boiler

Baxi are so confident in their design and build that they offer an attractive 10-year parts and labour warranty on selected models of boiler.

Baxi boilers are designed with extra-long twin flues. This offers a better choice about where to place your new boiler. You may be able to have it in a more convenient location as this design means it may not need to be fitted near an outside wall.  

Baxi boilers are pressurised so are quiet to run compared with many other units. 

Because they have unvented cylinders they offer good water pressure.

Baxi are mid-range in terms of cost, so not so cheap they’re badly built but not so expensive they’re difficult to afford.

Their parts are all made in the UK, so easy to get hold of and without additional shipping costs.

What does Baxi Approved really mean?

Being a Baxi Approved Installer means Baxi have endorsed us to install their boilers, following accreditation from them as a manufacturer. At Boiler on the Blink we underwent specialist training with Baxi because we believe in their design and build and because we want to make sure we do the best job possible when installing their boilers in homes across Kent. 

Because we’re a Baxi Approved Installer, we are kept informed of any changes and stay up to date through training. This means there is no one better to install and care for your Baxi boiler.  

Looking for a Baxi Approved Installer in Kent?

At Boiler on the Blink, our friendly team are always happy to hear from homeowners looking to find out more about our boiler installation services. We deliver work that’s always to a high standard, and our team is reliable, professional and Gas Safe registered. We work across Ashford, Romney Marsh, Tenterden and Folkestone and can be contacted in a number of ways: By telephone on 07768 618877 by email at or through our website contact form 

Simply get in touch by your preferred means and we’ll happily answer any questions you might have, provide further information or arrange a boiler installation quote.