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Do I switch my heating off before my holiday?

Organising a holiday comes with several worries you need to think about- but have you thought about what to do with your central heating? This is a question many people may forget, so have made a handy guide for you to read through! It depends on what time of year you go away, so are you...

Going on holiday in the summer?

If your holiday is in the summertime, you can simply switch your heating off without any problems. The solution is obvious and your home will not suffer any consequences leaving you to enjoy your holiday!

Going on holiday in the winter?

If you are going away in the winter, ideally, you should leave your heating on throughout your holiday. This means your home will be kept warm, with less risk of your pipes freezing. It also saves you coming back to a freezing home. 

While your heating should be on, it doesn't need to be on as high as it normally is. Turning it down to around 16 degrees is the perfect way to keep your home safe from any problems, while not wasting too much energy. 

Safety concerns

Of course, leaving your boiler on may leave you with some safety concerns. What if your boiler leaks while you are away? What if you return to a home full of dangerous fumes? Or worse?

New boilers, built after 1996, are fitted with high-quality safety measures, making gas leaks unlikely. If you are worried, why not get your boiler serviced before you go? This will give you peace of mind while you are away, but also sets your boiler up for the next year. 

Your boiler should be serviced every year as a safety precaution anyway, so getting it serviced before you go away works well long term as well as short term! Boiler servicing keeps your home safe from any potential gas leaks or boiler breakdowns, so book yourself in today!

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