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Is a New Boiler an Important investment?

Many people see paying out for a new boiler nothing more than a necessary evil. You might know you need a new boiler, but it doesn’t mean you want the expense of having a new one installed. This is understandable, but when you get a new boiler, you’re actually making an important investment - not just spending your hard earned £££.

As well as providing heat and hot water you can rely on, a new boiler is an investment worth making in a number of ways.

What makes a new boiler a worthwhile investment?

Money saved

New boilers are a lot more energy-efficient than older models. When you have a new A-rated unit installed in your home, you’ll see the cost of your heating drop because it will work so much more efficiently. You’ll also save yourself money in paying out for yet another boiler repair, as your new boiler will be more reliable and under guarantee!

Increases value

Comparison site Go Compare estimate that a new boiler add up to £8k to the value of your home. So if you’re thinking of selling your home in the future, you’ll make a lot more than you spend in terms of increased value. When buyers look around homes, they want to ensure, where possible, that there aren’t any big expenses lurking once they move in. With a newer boiler, you’re offering them peace of mind compared with homes that have boilers near or over 10 years of age. 


With a new boiler, you’ll benefit from tonnes of advances in technology, offering a level of future-proofing to your home’s heating that your old boiler simply can’t. One example of this is SMART technology, which can be used with your new boiler to control your heating wherever you are in the world!

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