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Oil VS LPG: Which Boiler Should I Choose?

If your home isn’t connected to the mains gas grid you have one less option for heating your home and hot water. Fortunately, there are many alternatives on the market, so there’s still plenty of options to consider other than gas alone.

If you are looking for a fairly traditional central heating system, rather than storage heating or air heat pumps, you’ll probably be looking into an LPG boiler or an oil boiler. Both have advantages, and both are viable options if your home cannot have gas piped into it directly. 

Below we explore LPG and oil boilers in more detail to help you decide which may be right for you.

LPG boilers

LPG boilers work from a combination fuel made of liquid, petroleum and gas. Previously, most people not on the gas grid would use an oil boiler. LPG provides an alternative option and produces fewer emissions than using oil alone. 

LPG is still a fossil fuel but considered more environmentally friendly than oil. 

As well as powering your boiler, LPG can also be used to fuel your oven and hob, making it a versatile choice. And unlike oil, it doesn’t produce any soot so may be easier to maintain.

If you opt for an LPG boiler you will need a Gas Safe registered engineer to install, service and repair it.

Oil boilers

Oil boilers work similarly to LPG boilers in some ways. They both transfer fuel from a tank positioned outside or underground, which the fuel must be delivered to. 

Oil boilers provide heat and hot water for your home, making them a complete central heating system, but the oil can’t be used to fuel your oven, as LPG can.

Oil is less environmentally friendly than LPG, although it is a little less expensive to heat.

If you opt for an oil boiler, it will need to be installed, serviced and repaired by an engineer who is OFTEC registered.

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