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The Benefits of Boiler Servicing

It is very important to understand that looking after your boiler and keeping it in good condition could save you future repair costs. In addition to this, receiving boiler servicing can have a lot of benefits and advantages that you may not know about. If this is a service you may be interested in, why not give us a call on, 07768 618877 and find out how we can help here at Boiler On The Blink. 

Boiler Servicing 

Boiler Servicing is important for keeping your boiler in great condition and it is recommended that you have boiler servicing on an annual basis. It is also worth mentioning that you should always use a Gas Safe registered engineer when looking to receive this service as it involves conducting checks and tests on a gas appliances. If your boiler receives a bad job with boiler servicing it could become a dangerous appliance in your home and even cause future repair costs; which nobody wants! Below, we have listed what is typically involved in boiler servicing.

  • Checking for potential leaks.
  • Assessing the pressure of gas and ensuring that it is still being released at a safe/efficient level. 
  • Removing the boiler casing to ensure that all the main components are functioning correctly.
  • A comprehensive clean of the boiler components as required. 

Boiler Servicing Benefits 

Now that you're aware of what exactly is involved in boiler servicing, you should consider the benefits of receiving the service for your boiler. 

Extended Warranties & Guarantees

Firstly, its worth mentioning that by ensuring your boiler receives boiler servicing you will still qualify for any guarantee or warranty on your boiler by the manufactures. Whilst this is a huge benefit for your in terms of potential future costs on repairs, you should know that to maintain the warranty or guarantee you must receive the service on an annual basis. If you are not having a Gas Safe engineer perform boiler servicing annually, you will no longer be able to claim the warranty or guarantee as you have not received boiler servicing. 

Legal Requirement 

If you are a landlord, you should be aware that it is a legal requirement to receive boiler servicing on gas-enabled appliances to ensure it is a safe environment to live in. A Gas Safe Registered engineer must conduct the appropriate checks and tests on the gas appliances annually.


Believe it or not, boilers are dangerous. Ensuring that your boiler is in great condition annually means that you can prevent any danger in your home; so look after your boiler! If you notice anything unusual about your boiler then its alway best to get in touch with a Gas Safe registered engineer to correct any problems with your boiler. If you need exactly that, then find out below how we can help. 

Need Regular Boiler Servicing in Ashford Kent? 

For your piece of mind, here at Boiler On The Blink, we offer boiler servicing across Ashford, Kent; including areas such as Tenterden, Maidstone, Canterbury, Margate, Romney Marsh and East Sussex. You can reach us via our phone number on, 07768 618877Alternatively, use our contact form or give us an email on,