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The Benefits of Installing a Worcester-Bosch Boiler

Which boiler manufacturer do you choose? There are a range of different boilers for you to choose from for your home, and it is no secret that a new boiler is a huge investment in your property. The benefits of installing a new boiler are incredible and you can find out more about that in our previous blog post called; Time to Install a New Boiler? On that note, this blog post is all about the benefits of installing a Worcester-Bosch boiler. If you're interested in a new boiler installation, get in touch via our phone number on, 07768 618877 and find out how we can help here at Boiler On The Blink in Ashford Kent.

The Benefits of Installing a Worcester-Bosch Boiler 

If you're unaware of the benefits for installing a Worcester-Bosch boiler, then worry not, as this blog post will tell you a range of benefits and advantages of doing so. Need a new Worcester-Bosch boiler installing in Ashford? Then look no further because you're in the right place!

Worcester-Bosch Are Highly Rated

You may have already heard of Worcester-Bosch, as they are a highly rated boiler manufacture. If you're wondering why, here's a few reasons below; 

Worcester-Bosch have been manufacturing domestic gas boilers since  way back to 1962, which shows that they have been around for some time and are well experienced in their field. 

They are also a British boiler manufacture, meaning that by purchasing from them, you are essentially supporting a British Brand.

Worcester-Bosch have great satisfaction levels, so you know you're buying a boiler from a great brand. 

A Household Boiler Manufacturer in the U.K.

In addition to being a highly rated British boiler brand, they are also as household name in the United Kingdom. This means that on top of buying from a well established, quality boiler brand, you're also purchasing a boiler from a manufacturer who is easy to find parts for. Thus, if your boiler ever experiences any faults and problems, you have piece of mind that your Worcester-Bosch boiler will be back up and running smoothly in no time!

Great Extended Guarantees

Believe it or not, Worcester-Bosch are the only boiler manufacture in the United Kingdom to offer extended guarantees on their boilers, as appose to offering extended warranties like many other boiler manufactures. The main difference between a warranty and guarantee being that even if your boiler experiences any problems or faults, then all the parts and labour specified in the agreement are covered by the guarantee. Regardless of how many times something goes wrong or needs replacing! 

Need a Worcester-Bosch Boiler In Ashford Kent? 

If you're interested in how a Worcester-Bosch boiler could benefit your home then get in touch with us here at Boiler On The Blink and find out how we can help. We're actually Worcester-Bosch Accredited, meaning we can offer extended guarantees when you choose us to install your brand new boiler in Ashford Kent or the surrounding areas. To get in touch, you can give us a call on, 07768 618877 or even send us an email at; Finally, you can also use our contact form on the website. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you choose us to install your brand new Worcester-Bosch boiler in Ashford Kent.