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Tips for Purchasing a New Boiler

At Boiler on the Blink, we understand that buying a new boiler is a big deal. There’s lots to think about, lots of decisions to be made and a lot to factor into it. The whole process can feel both confusing and overwhelming, yet something you feel under pressure to get right because you’re making such an important investment.

In the following post, we provide you with some tips on where to start when considering a new boiler upgrade. Whether your boiler has packed up and you’re looking to purchase a new one in a hurry or whether you’re planning to switch at some point in the future, these tips will help guide you on your boiler buying journey.

After all, your boiler is one of the most important items in your home - and if you make the right choice it will provide you and your family with comfort, warmth and hot water for many years to come.

Three things to consider when buying a new boiler

You get what you pay for

While nobody enjoys forking out a huge sum of money for a new appliance, your boiler is an important investment and more often than not, it doesn’t pay to go cheap. Buying a boiler based solely on it being the cheapest available likely means you’ll be replacing it in a few years, or regularly needing to pay out for repairs. There are exceptions, but usually bigger brands design boilers with parts that last longer and perform more effectively, so while you may pay a premium for this initially, you’ll likely save money in the future as your boiler will last longer and need fewer repairs. 

Always shop around and check features, reviews and the warranty included, and you’ll likely find a happy-medium with a high-quality boiler that is a sound investment, while not costing you the earth. 


Buy the right size

This doesn’t mean buy a literally small boiler if you have a small home and vice versa but instead relates to the power of your chosen boiler. Also known as output, the size of your boiler influences how much heat and hot water it can generate. So if you’re in a larger home and have a big family, you’ll need a boiler with some oomph to meet your energy demands. Whereas if you have a smaller home with fewer people, it would be a waste to buy a boiler with a large output as your energy needs will be lower. 

Consider the size of your house or flat, your number of bathrooms and your current boiler size (and if this works for you), then use this guide to roughly calculate the output you need for your new boiler.

Work out your budget 

It sounds obvious, but it’s important to work out what you can afford before committing to a new boiler. Prices can vary hugely, depending on the type, brand, size and what extra elements you need, such as new radiators or a water tank install. 

Some heating engineers offer finance options with new boiler installations. These can help you spread the payments across a set period of time if you don’t have the money upfront. Sometimes these are interest-free but often you will pay more overall than if you paid all at once, so be sure to check the details of any finance agreement and ensure you fully understand it before signing. 

How Boiler on the Blink can help

Our friendly team of boiler experts specialise in high-quality, safe boiler installations across  Ashford, Romney Marsh, Tenterden, and Folkestone.

We offer 0% finance on Worcester Bosch boilers and provide free quotes to all customers. As part of our service, we also carry out free, no-obligation home surveys to people interested in new boiler installation. During this, you’ll receive advice on the best type of boiler for your needs and guidance on where your new boiler can be positioned. 

At Boiler on the Blink, we’re Gas Safe registered, part of the Checkatrade directory and have heaps of excellent customer reviews proudly displayed on our site from happy homeowners. So if you’d like to find out more about our trusted boiler installation service or wish to arrange a free quote, simply get in touch. You can call us on 07768 618877, email us at or send a message via our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.