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Which Boiler Should I Install?

If your home needs a new boiler but you aren’t sure which type to go for, this blog post should give you a little helping hand. There are boilers to suit large family houses, smaller houses and everything in-between.
The following are all examples of condensing boilers. As of 2004, all boilers are required to be condensing in order to save the homeowner money and to help the environment... 

Conventional Boilers 

Conventional boilers require two water tanks in the loft, as well as a hot water cylinder (usually placed in an upstairs cupboard). Hence, they are not usually suitable for smaller homes, as they require a lot of available space. Conventional boilers are suitable for: 

- Older homes, especially homes with older radiator systems
- In homes with a high demand for hot water 
- In homes with two or more bathrooms
- In larger homes with free loft space
- In homes with low water pressure, as they require a water pump

System Boilers

System boilers are different to conventional boilers as they do not require water tanks in the loft. They run off one water cylinder (usually stored in an upstairs cupboard) and all other components are built into the boiler itself. This makes them useful in homes with little space. Because of this, they are usually also quicker and easier to install. System boilers are best suited for:

- Homes with two or more bathrooms
- Homes that require a constant supply of hot water
- Smaller homes (possibly without a loft)

Combination (Combi) Boiler

Combination boilers have quickly become the most popular boiler installed in the UK, as they are cost effective and take up very little room. They heat water instantly as you need it, rather than storing it, making them much more efficient and they do not require water tanks. Combination boilers are the most compact type, making them ideal for smaller properties. Combi boilers are best suited for:

- Smaller homes as they do not require a water pump (water is delivered at mains pressure)
- Smaller homes with no/ minimal loft space
- Homes that do not require a lot of hot water simultaneously

Offering our boiler installation service in Ashford Kent

We hope that this blog post has helped you understand the differences between common boilers. Here at Boiler On The Blink, we offer gas, LPG and oil boiler installations in Ashford Kent Romney Marsh, Tenterden, Maidstone, Canterbury, Margate  and all surrounding areas. 
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